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🎁 Christmas Crafting Crackers 🎁

🎁 Christmas Crafting Crackers 🎁

With the festive time of the year fast approaching, it's time to go crafting mad!

Christmas spending in the UK adds up to nearly £80 billion each year with the average UK resident setting aside approximately £363 for treating friends and family to Christmas presents!

One in four are expecting their Christmas and/or Black Friday budgets to increase this year, with over 70% having the same amount or more money to spend on Black Friday and 78% for Christmas, compared to 2020. The UK population has nearly £200bn (£198bn) in lockdown savings and 82% aiming to spend this partially or fully on Christmas or Black Friday shopping. That's plenty that they can spend on your handiwork!

Now is the time to produce some Christmas crackers to delight friends, family and customers. We have a wide range of crafting blanks, perfect to personalise and meet the huge demand of the festive season. Take a look now...

Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel for some handy festive crafting tips.

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