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🎮 Great Gaming Gifts 🎮

🎮 Great Gaming Gifts 🎮

During last year’s lockdown, the UK gaming population increased by 63% and shows no signs of slowing down. Got a gamer at home or amongst your customers? Time to get crafting!

Between 2019 and 2020, the number of video gamers in the UK jumped from 33 million to over 36 million. With over 50% of the population embracing gaming as a form of fun, entertainment, or distraction, the UK's video game market is now worth around £5.3 billion. In terms of gifting, during 2020 Brits spent a whopping £119.6 million on toys and merchandising based on video games brands!

In the post-pandemic world, the popularity of video gaming has never been so high and is only expected to increase, along with merchandising and gifting opportunities. From decorating that dedicated games room to sporting the latest Call of Duty themed tee, the possibilities for creating quality, personalised gifts are endless!

We've got the perfect selection of sublimation blanks for creating the ultimate gaming gifts. Take a look now...

As always, you can check out our YouTube channel for some handy crafting tips.

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