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Winter Inspiration
Comments (0) Winter Inspiration

When the weather turns chilly and the heating’s turned up why not use the excuse to stay indoors and try some new design and print ideas. We have been busy here at Xpres Craft put together some great winter pieces…. Go on, be inspired this winter by us! 

The Handmade Festival and all it's greatness! 💕
Comments (0) The Handmade Festival and all it's greatness! 💕

A month on and we're still sad that the Handmade Festival can't happen every weekend! To say us guys at Xpres Craft LOVED it is an understatement. We thought the whole event from start to finish was awesome! 

As our first time exhibiting at the show we were a little optimistic and really didnt know what to expect. We saw pictures, read reviews, spoke to other exhibitors and show organisers before arriving but nothing prepared us for the show and all it's greatness. 

Welcome to our world of craft blanks...
Comments (0) Welcome to our world of craft blanks...

We thought we would jump on our blog to tell you a little bit about our craft blanks we supply. 

Book Nerd📕
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Book mark gift idea using self-adhesive vinyl

A hint of Halloween 🦇🕸🕷
Comments (0) A hint of Halloween 🦇🕸🕷

Baby bib with HTV Glitter

Items needed:
Baby bib
Xpres Craft HTV Glitter in black 
Silhouette Cameo Machine
Cutting mat if using off cuts
Design ID: 155029