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I used to be fun!

Today we created this cool canvas tote bag with the help of our HTV Textured glitter in pink! After hours of scrolling Pinterest, a cool lookalikey bag caught our eye. ‘Baby Crap….. we used to be fun!’ We know that feeling well.

Our canvas tote bags are big, spacious and can be quite easily filled with ‘crap’. New parents always experience a problem when new to the ‘job’, as they are used to taking out with them a small compact pretty clutch bag, handbag or even no bag at all. Then….BOOM…. hello…. Child arrives and everything, but the kitchen sink has to be transported around with them. This bag is just simply perfect… and is exactly what it says on the tin (well bag)!

Take a look at our full range of special effect films… textured glitter is a firm fav for many but there are so many stunning HTVs to choose from possibilities are endless. Get decorating people!! 


 Here’s a step by step on how we created the ‘Baby Crap bag’. Enjoy!

Step 1.

Pre heat your press or iron to 160°.

Step 2.

Type your lettering out straight into Silhouette Studio. flip horizontally to mirror.

Step 3.

Load vinyl into Silhouette Cameo (we always use the cutting mat as we find it much easier)

Click send

Step 4.

Weed away the excess vinyl and place in position on the bag.

Step 5.

Press for 15 seconds with a medium pressure. Peel while still warm.

Dahh dahhhh your cool canvas tote bag is complete…. Carry with Pride!

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