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New Year New Start

New Year New Start

This New Year enjoy a fresh start with our crafting kits. At Xpres Craft we have everything you need to help you create personalised, quality product with ease!

Whether you 'craft' for a hobby or are looking to make some money and sell, we are here to help. Get handy hints and tips from the experts (us), that will help you along your crafting journey. Read, learn and start to bring your creativity to life through our craft blog…

A crafting business can be set-up in a range of locations in and around your very own home, from your spare bedroom to garden shed. With very little space required and our portable equipment you can take crafting almost anywhere! Potentially there is serious money to be made from working in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to sitting in traffic and endless travelling time and hello to 'working from home' - sitting at your dining room table with biscuits, a cuppa and of course your craft set up!

With our starter kits and hardware selection, setting up with whichever equipment and crafting method you choose is inexpensive and quick. With an abundance of online resellers, you can connect your business in minutes and have a fully functioning ‘shop’ ready to produce and ship to your customers in no time at all.

Want some more tips on getting started? Check out our in-depth advice page here...