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Tools & Accessories

We have a range of tools and accessories that make crafting simple.
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Picture of Heat Tape

Heat Tape

Heat proof tape for securing sublimation paper to substrates before pressing.
Picture of Scissors


8.5' stainless steel blades for precise cutting.
Picture of Weeder


Great for removing excess transfer material
Picture of Tweezers


A high quality 'graphic arts' tweezer
Picture of Stainless Steel Ruler

Stainless Steel Ruler

30cmm steel ruler, marked with metric and imperial measurements.
Picture of Squeegee


Gold Colour
Picture of Pressing Pillows

Pressing Pillows

The Teflon Pillow set includes 4 Teflon Pillows.
Picture of Film Application Tape

Film Application Tape

30.2cm x 50m
Picture of Silicone Sheets

Silicone Sheets

Silicone Application Sheets for use with a flat bed heat press.
Picture of Artesprix Sublimation Marker Pens

Artesprix Sublimation Marker Pens

Create personalised product with our new Artesprix sublimation pens and unleash you inner artist!

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